Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jennifer | Beauty

Glamour photography used to be a dirty word.  It is making a comeback although I call it beauty photography.  I have been busy with lots of photo shoots. I have my big fine art project and lots of side projects as well as client shoots.  

I have 5 beautiful ladies to introduce you to however we will get to know them one at a time. :)  

Let us start with Jennifer.  She is one gorgeous mamma!  While I was in southern California I had a beauty day that I was advertising.  Jennifer saw it and mentioned how she wished I was closer. Well, little did she know that I was headed back east shortly after!  

She wanted to take some beautiful pictures of herself for her children to remember her by.  A big thanks to Rachel Z. for doing her hair!  I did Jennifer's makeup.  It was a fun time posing, lighting and laughing. 

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