Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Girl 6 month Session

Baby Girl is now 6 months! Crazy how fast they grow. She is sitting up with a little padding... She is so alert and smiley! She is adorable! Here are some images from her session January 5th. Cutie Pie! I can't wait to see her progress in 3 months!

Rockin' Prom | The Collection!

Sorry for the delay! Here are some more of Miss Rebecca, my niece. You wouldn't believe how young she is! This was a very fun shoot! I loved the location, the lighting, the model, the ensemble, LOVE IT! This we did over our Christmas break in Orlando, Florida. It was pretty warm and gorgeous. We had fun hopping from the different Disney parks. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rock and Roll Prom | Teaser 2

January 7th these lovely ladies and I got together and did an awesome photo shoot. Since about August I have been putting together props, costumes and ideas for this shoot. The concept? Rock and Roll Prom. We've got attitude, we've got style and we've got moves. It was snowing that morning and even though the snow didn't last it was so cold! We were freezing, but these girls make cold look awesome. The day started at 10 am. I brought my many bags of tricks and we spent the next 4 hours doing hair and makeup.

Abbi is skilled in curling hair and so she curled Rachel's hair while I worked on Sariah's mohawk. With the help of some major hairspray, got to be glued, we got her hair so stick without clips or pins. I ended up using a few pins to hold in the colored hair. Next I got to fluff and tease Rachel's curls. Then I worked on makeup. I have this amazing makeup kit my sister got for me from Ulta. What color do you want? No worries I have them all!

Sariah: Sariah has green eyes and so I thought purple would go well for her. Her sister, Abbi was excited to see her with makeup. No lie, her family was a bit shocked when we were finished with the makeover. The lashes were a fun touch. The lips, some black liner and brown lipstick to polish the look. The wordrobe? All from her own closet minus the tights.

Rachel: I chose to go with black smokey eyes and she chose from my lash collection, the purple lashes. They were so heavy she couldn't see very well. We went with a soft pink lip to not compete with the eyes. The wordrobe? I got the dress at Deb's and the tulle at joann's and sewed it on. The necklace I made from some beads and charms from Michael's. The top hat, tights, belt, and shoes were a nice touch too.

Abbi: Once the other girls hair was finished I worked on Abbi's. She curled the bottom half while I did makeup then I braided and sprayed the top. Her makeup? We went for a brown smokey eye which made her eyes pop. She chose the lashes with the pink sparkle. I did a red lip for added drama. The wordrobe? Dress from the thrift store with added tulle. Sariah make the flowers on the top of the dress. Shoes were her own the rest was from my collection.

We went outside and got to work. We used available light and a reflector. The girls took turns holding the reflector for the others. After we got all of the shots we could stand in the cold I took the girls to get some burgers at Five Guys. Then they wanted to run into Target and walk around. Yes they were still dressed up. After the running around we stopped at an abandoned gas station and did some shots with the car headlights, reflector and glow bracelets. By then the wind had picked up making it bitter cold. We did a few then I took the girls home. Over all it took about 8 hours.

Thank you girls for being so awesome and making this photo shoot so much fun!

Here are the fun takes from our excursion...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rockin' Prom Take One | Teaser

For Christmas my family went to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. While we were there my niece and I found an awesome spot to do a photo shoot. We found a grove of dead looking trees by a construction site. Luckily for us no one was working on any construction. We had fun with the hair and makeup.

Hair and Makeup : Rebecca and Jennifer Wolfe
Outfit design: Rebecca and Jennifer Wolfe
Lighting: Jennifer Wolfe
Photography: Jennifer Wolfe

Fun! More to come!