Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stone Family

This family wanted family portraits before their oldest went off to college and their dad went overseas...again. :(

So here they are with their 10 children and one on the way!  They are seriously the most patient and loving parents I have ever met!  Each of their children were very kind and very good listeners!  I was so shocked and happy that the entire session went sooooo smoothly without any fits or craziness. :)  They really were such a pleasure to work with.  

Drennen Family

While I was in West Virginia at the end of this summer I got to photograph this lovely family!  As you have heard before you will be seeing a few of these family members again in one of my fine art pieces! ;)


Burlew Family

The Burlew Family!  You will see this family again later in one of my fine art pieces.  We had a great time chasing the setting sun and trying to find some shade!