Monday, January 14, 2013


If you look through my work here on my blog you will see this is my second beauty shoot but my first modern beauty shoot.  The first one was  Anyway, this was late at night and we had just had a very chocolatey  sandwich with brie, strawberries and dark chocolate.  So we got serious for a few seconds...

The beautiful Amie...
A self portrait...

We were silly almost the entire time, I am surprised we got some serious shots.  Sometimes you really just need to have fun.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moody Fashion

Here are the rest of the images from Saturday. As you can see they are very different from the first image I posted.  These are not high fashion, but fun girls that were happy and willing to model for us.  These images are more moody and artistic.  I still love them!

My style is constantly evolving as I learn new things and have new life experiences.  My elements often effect my art. Perhaps I am feeling romantic, mysterious, or even a little lonely.  Either way I am pleased with the outcome of these images, a little romantic, soft and mysterious feel.   It's funny, this is almost opposite of my normal style, Usually I edit brighter and add an array of brightly saturated colors.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

High fashion Saturday

Today was a fabulous day!  Originally I was supposed to be in Utah doing a fun shoot with a group of photographers but that got canceled and I was bummed.  Well, My friend here that is also a photographer had her client cancel on her so we were both without a photo shoot.  We talked and decided to do our own shoot together.  I immediately thought of Caley and this idea I had in my head.  I set out thrift store shopping and found my base piece.  Then I set out to find the other pieces to complete the look and idea.  Caley came over and I got to work on her hair and makeup.  She is gorgeous!  My photographer friend, Carrie, had wanted to go to a certain location so we planned for it. We got there, I set up and BAM!  Caley pulled this off.  This is one of the first few images I shot.  I am so in love with it.  We has 3 other models that Carrie snagged and I did take pictures of them and will post them, I just had to give this image it's own post.  I love it.