Sunday, January 6, 2013

High fashion Saturday

Today was a fabulous day!  Originally I was supposed to be in Utah doing a fun shoot with a group of photographers but that got canceled and I was bummed.  Well, My friend here that is also a photographer had her client cancel on her so we were both without a photo shoot.  We talked and decided to do our own shoot together.  I immediately thought of Caley and this idea I had in my head.  I set out thrift store shopping and found my base piece.  Then I set out to find the other pieces to complete the look and idea.  Caley came over and I got to work on her hair and makeup.  She is gorgeous!  My photographer friend, Carrie, had wanted to go to a certain location so we planned for it. We got there, I set up and BAM!  Caley pulled this off.  This is one of the first few images I shot.  I am so in love with it.  We has 3 other models that Carrie snagged and I did take pictures of them and will post them, I just had to give this image it's own post.  I love it.

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