Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fall Bohemian

I had an idea, that idea festered in my mind, my dreams, my thoughts.  I searched for the right ensemble until I found it.  The model?  Another photographer and friend of mine.  We set out after hair and makeup for the trees.  We got off on the wrong exit and could not find a way to turn around.  Finally we got to a light and were able to make a u-turn.  I was noticing the trees as we drove and thought this location is perfect!  All of a sudden I see a dirt road turn off and I made a bat turn onto it.  I apologized to my passengers and then we stopped and stared.  It was perfect!  There were a few large trees surrounding on another.  We kept an eye open for snakes and other creatures as we trekked through the wilderness.  We came to the trees and saw a beautiful clearing that was perfectly shaded by the trees from the noon day sun.  There was a perfect tree for the girls to climb while their Mommy and I got to work.
I have been so enchanted by bohemian style and this idea has blossomed into many more ideas... coming soon.

This shoot I used a very shallow depth of field mixed with some deep focus.  Which is your favorite? And why?

Happy Fall!

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