Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kristen Rockin' the Frock

Kristen, Kyle and I marched into the woods on Thursday and got a bit muddy doing so but it was fun and worth it. Kristen is a classmate of mine. She saw my rockin' prom images as I was editing them and said I needed to photograph her because her hair naturally does the crazy style I was going for. So I took her up on that offer and we met after my class got out. I did her hair and makeup in the hallway of my school. As classes were letting out people were passing us and no one seemed to think it odd that there was a salon in the hallway. Only at an art school, or perhaps a beauty college is in not out of the norm to see extreme hair and makeup as well as people getting made up in the hallway. Love it. :)

Thank you to Kyle for skipping class with us to hold jackets and the reflector. He helped get the lighting just right. The weather channel has been leading us on as it was said that Thursday was going to be partially cloudy and warm. Well it was completely overcast and cold. You may be able to see some patched of snow on the ground in these images. Kristen is a trooper to be wearing such a short dress in the middle of winter. All in the name of art!

I love photographing other photographers because they are fun and they ask such detailed questions that there is no misunderstanding about where I want you to stand and how I want you to pose. Now, I hope that I give clear directions but it is reassuring to know the model understands. Plus, they think along the same lines because, well, they are usually behind the camera not in front of it!

I also love playing dress up and make believe. hahaha I love dressing up my models and creating a mood. My goal is to make you feel beautiful and sexy, did it work? If not I am not doing my job. I am having fun being a photographer and making my visions become reality. It's awesome!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Michelle | Rock the Frock Collection

Yay for snow! Michelle and i ventured across a busy street to a serene location of untainted snow and solitude. Here is Michelle rockin' her prom frock with hair and makeup my yours truly... I claim only to be an artist but I have fun doing hair and makeup, it is like a canvas to draw upon. :) We haven't had snow since this day and so we were lucky!

Michelle Rockin' the Prom Dress | Teaser

You may remember Michelle's senior portraits over the summer. We never got to get pictures of her rockin' the prom dress. We picked a day and time that we were both available and I told her I hope it snows! I got my wish! Yay for fresh pretty snow. It was pretty cold but luckily no wind. We had a good time, short, but good. I didn't even need a reflector today, the snow did a wonderful job of reflecting light for me. Thank you snow, I appreciated it.

Michelle came over to my house January 29th and I did her makeup then hair. My daughter helped with going through all of the hair stuff. After the hair and makeup we went up the street to a vacant lot and got some great shots with untainted snow. Watch for the collection!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lauren | Fashion Bridal The Collection

 Luckily for Lauren the weather was a bit warmer than Amber's day. In only 3 days the weather went from 27 degrees to 42 degrees. Still not the warmest weather. Lauren did her own hair and I did her makeup.  These were taken January 25th of this year. I met Lauren at her house and we listened to some country and pop and caught up on the happenings. This girl is gorgeous!

Amber | Fashion Bridal The Collection

Alright, so here are some more of lovely Amber! Remember it was 27 degrees outside... She makes it look good!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sariah Rockin' the Prom Dress| The Collection!

Sariah on the blog! Miss Sassy! Super cold outside, but that's what you get when you try to photograph in January in Virginia... It was snowing just before we went out to shoot. These girls were so awesome and went out there and froze, all in the name of great photography!

Rachel Rockin' the Prom Dress| The Collection!

Miss Rachel is on the blog! She was so giggly it was difficult for her to keep a strait face, which was quite alright. I said give me attitude and she would smile. She gave me happy attitude. It was fun. :)