Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family of Fairies

I love this family!  Okay so, these adorable little girls were such a dream to photograph.  Our concept was magical, flower fairies.  Grandma made the adorable outfits and headbands for this photo shoot.  We made some fairy dust and found some bug filled fields with cute little flowers, great lighting and great colors.  

And for those of you that think adults look funny with fairy wings... 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photography Equipment For Sale

As my business is no longer including weddings and studio portraits (IE, seniors, families, etc), I am selling backdrops and my spare wedding camera/equipment.  Take a gander at what I am selling and above each image I will discuss the item.

The Canon EOS 60D
Only used for two very short shoots. A total of 137 images taken with this camera.  It was used as my wedding back up in case my main camera went out.  I never needed to use it, since my main camera held out.  It sells new for $999.99.  I will sell this very gently used camera for $650-750.  This is body only!  No lens included.  Canon EOS lenses will work with this camera.  You can go to this ebay link in the next 3 days.

RPS Studio Stealth Flash Bracket with 0.5M cord for Canon. Used 5 times for weddings and it works great.  Loved how easy it was to use to get those important shots quickly.  Bought it new for $69.99 From B&H photo.  Will sell it for $40.

Backdrop.  10x24.  Used only twice in these two shoots, one high school senior and one maternity.  It comes with it's own carrying/ storage bag. Bought it new for $ 109 plus shipping from Backdrop Alley. Will sell it for $65.

Backdrop. 10x24. Blue. Used only one for this high school senior shoot.  Bought it new for $109 from B&H photo.  Will sell it for $60.

Backdrop. 5x7. Blue. Never been opened or used.  Bought it new for $27.99 plus shipping. Will sell it for $15.

Backdrop. 5x7. Orange. Used only once.  Bought it new for $27.99 plus shipping. Will sell it for $15.

Paul C. Buff LG4X wired remote, cords and plugs for strobes.  Used twice. Bought it new for $99.95. Will sell it for $25.  Works great.

Vivitar Deluxe Power Grip.  Allows for 2 batteries which give you double the shooting time without recharging.  I bought it new from B&H Photo for $100.  Will sell it for $50.  Used it for 7 weddings. A life saver!

2 lens hoods, fits both of my big lenses, one is 24-70mm while the other is 70-200mm.  Never used! Bought both new for $20 each.  Will sell them for $10 each.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Jennifer Wolfe Photography was featured

I photographed a religious/ fashion event March 2nd and my images were featured on their blog! Check it out here.  

It was a very fun event that focused on the beauty of women, inside and out.  There was a fabulous fashion show and power point to show no matter your age, size or shape you can look beautiful while staying modest and fashionable.  It was great to see all of these ladies ranging from age 18-80 get out there on the runway and work it!  

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints put on this fab show and so many vendors donated their time and talent to provide the clothing, makeup, prizes, food, and yes, photography.  I loved every minute of it!

Here is just one of the many desserts that were there.  There were so many desserts that you really could not taste them all. Delish!