Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photography Equipment For Sale

As my business is no longer including weddings and studio portraits (IE, seniors, families, etc), I am selling backdrops and my spare wedding camera/equipment.  Take a gander at what I am selling and above each image I will discuss the item.

The Canon EOS 60D
Only used for two very short shoots. A total of 137 images taken with this camera.  It was used as my wedding back up in case my main camera went out.  I never needed to use it, since my main camera held out.  It sells new for $999.99.  I will sell this very gently used camera for $650-750.  This is body only!  No lens included.  Canon EOS lenses will work with this camera.  You can go to this ebay link in the next 3 days.

RPS Studio Stealth Flash Bracket with 0.5M cord for Canon. Used 5 times for weddings and it works great.  Loved how easy it was to use to get those important shots quickly.  Bought it new for $69.99 From B&H photo.  Will sell it for $40.

Backdrop.  10x24.  Used only twice in these two shoots, one high school senior and one maternity.  It comes with it's own carrying/ storage bag. Bought it new for $ 109 plus shipping from Backdrop Alley. Will sell it for $65.

Backdrop. 10x24. Blue. Used only one for this high school senior shoot.  Bought it new for $109 from B&H photo.  Will sell it for $60.

Backdrop. 5x7. Blue. Never been opened or used.  Bought it new for $27.99 plus shipping. Will sell it for $15.

Backdrop. 5x7. Orange. Used only once.  Bought it new for $27.99 plus shipping. Will sell it for $15.

Paul C. Buff LG4X wired remote, cords and plugs for strobes.  Used twice. Bought it new for $99.95. Will sell it for $25.  Works great.

Vivitar Deluxe Power Grip.  Allows for 2 batteries which give you double the shooting time without recharging.  I bought it new from B&H Photo for $100.  Will sell it for $50.  Used it for 7 weddings. A life saver!

2 lens hoods, fits both of my big lenses, one is 24-70mm while the other is 70-200mm.  Never used! Bought both new for $20 each.  Will sell them for $10 each.  

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