Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cortney | Beauty

Okay everyone, this is Cortney.  She is a super talented hair and makeup artist in Orange County, California.  She has done so many projects with me. Amazing.  I got her in front of my camera right after a beauty shoot.  I really, really love her pink hair! :)  

I knew her sister.  I asked her sister to model for me and when I was telling her about some projects I wanted to work on but didn't know how to do the hair and makeup she directed me to Cortney.  Then she brought Cortney to one of the shoots she was modeling for.  I loved her and asked her to work with me on several more shoots.  Here are the ones she worked on...

as well as one of my fine art pieces that will be revealed later. ;)

Cortney, you are fabulous!

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