Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Tribute to Newborns and Babies

I am currently going through all of my newborn props and photos because I am, sadly, selling all of my props.  As I went through all of the adorable sleeping babies I thought I would shake things up a bit and throw in a BUNCH of adorable baby photos in the middle of my long drawn out posts about my journey that has very few photos...yet. ;)  

This was my very first one year old that I had the privilege of photographing.  Caydence.  Isn't she just the sweetest thing?  She was blowing kisses, dancing and laughing the whole time. 

My second one year old session was with sweet Rachel. We did a lot of running around the yard. ;)

This was my very first newborn session.  My daughter, Abby.  My nieces helped me by spotting her on the bench and holding the reflector.

and then with Daddy.

Since we are on the subject of my daughter I took... several more pictures of her... 

Here is 7 months.

Here she is at 9 months with her daddy.

  Here she is at 14 months

 This is my second newborn session with miss Haley

Here is Chase just one week old.

I was able to photograph this little cutie from maternity to one year. This is Emily's newborn images.

 Emily at 3 months

Emily at 6 months 

 Emily at 9 months

Emily at one year and the story board I made for her

 Baby number two for me, was a poser... ;) My son, Wee Liam.

and of course while we are on the subject of my son... 3 months
 6 months
and One year

Newborn Maddison was bright eyed for this session.  She also was the first one to get to test out the giant tea cup. Adorable.

Newborn Jacob was a challenge.  Poor baby was not very happy to be naked and photographed but I did manage to snag some sweet ones.  He did not want to pose, so we just let him be.

This was a fun one!  10 babies in total, and all were happy!

Christine at 4 days old. We spent the entire session posing her and then stepping back and gushing about how cute she was. :)

Elliot just starting to attempt standing.

My last Newborn session was with Ainsley.  She was so good the entire time.  Seriously, some newborn sessions take 6 hours but she let us crank it out in 45 minutes.

Thank you for reminiscing with me!

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