Monday, February 24, 2014

A Journey | Week 8

What?  Eight weeks?  I have accomplished a lot, but I feel like not enough.  I don't have anything to show you just yet but I have booked a few more models for two more shoots and another date for one of them. 

Hopefully on March 15th will be another shoot.  We are going to get messy this time.  This one will involve a lot of food, crazy adults and a lot of fun!

I also have an adorable family booked on standby, with two cutie pie boys. This shoot is going to be a couple of months down the road so date tba.  I have to make a dress with some awesome fabric that I bought in the Fashion District in LA for sooooooo cheap!  Michael Levine's The Loft has bins upon bins of fabric scraps and end of bolts. They sell everything for $2 a pound.  Yeah... This fabric cost me a few bucks for 5 yards.  Love it! Remember the picture I posted of the pattern and fabric?  I was about to make the dress but ended up not being able to due to some complications with the machine (operator error) and the fabric/pattern.  I have worked out all of the kinks (I hope) and will be working on it and hopefully finishing it soon!  I'll post the picture again... although the fabric has changed. I am also making a dress and jacket for my daughter because she will love it and I think she will be in the picture as well. 

A couple of years ago a really nice gentleman gave me his original 1950's pram just because I really wanted it.  He was trying to sell it but we couldn't afford it so he gave it to me, along with some blankets.  Amazing.  People like that do still exist!  We had to take it apart to store it but are pulling it out, cleaning it up and putting it back together for this shoot.  We also have a classic 1950's truck being brought in for it.  Can you guess the era we are going for here? :)

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  1. I LOVE Michael Levines! We should go shopping downtown together. I have not been a while because no one I know down here ever goes