Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Summer Bridals

Can you believe I forgot to blog these?  

Well, the summer of 2012 was so crazy, I went to the eastern US for 3 months and had to work in someone else's workspace until I got back home and in the shuffle and the crazy schedules I forgot.

  I went to Northern Virginia for the summer and while I was there I drove 4 hours to West Virginia to see one of my besties and to go to another dear friend's wedding reception, well open house.  I went the morning of the event and took her bridals.  

She had a location that was dear to her heart and her mother's so we went there for a fun shoot.  It was so lush and green.  There was a really cool cement tunnel that we had to walk through and I thought it was kind of erie and beautiful inside so I had her stop in the middle of this dark tunnel and used the available light which were some soft lights at the top.

I no longer offer weddings BUT this was shot in August back when I did still shoot them. :)

Isn't she gorgeous?!  I have very beautiful friends. ;)  Anjuli, it was great to see you and work with you.  And thank you to your mom for helping fluff the veil and fix wardrobe issues. :)  And thank you to Ashley for assisting me and carrying my equipment! 

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