Monday, February 17, 2014

A Journey | Week 7

I will tell you a little about what happened on Wednesday... I had 9 kids booked for this one and 2 adults.  I could not find a hair/makeup artist for this shoot (because who has the time to donate their services for this, let's be honest) so I had the mom's and kids help. Thank you to Kathy for mixing up her face paint for the kids to smear all over themselves, they had so much fun!    At least only one adult got makeup. Thank you to Jeff for entertaining the kids so well, they sure did love you!  And Thank you Carrie for being so kind and letting us use your home

Well, we had  9 children ages 2-10, it was an adventure.  We had food flying, kids running everywhere, jumping off couches... don't worry, I asked them to do it and they happily obliged. ;)

If I were to ever do another project like this again, I would have a few assistants and give myself enough time to get there before the kids to set up and test everything out.  

  This image will most likely not be ready to show you for some months BUT I will keep you posted on the progress of it.  I still have to photograph a few more elements for this shoot but that is taking a lot of scheduling and planning. 

Today I had another shoot.  I had a sweet adorable family drive up on their day off and brought a bag full of clothes to choose from.  They were all so quick to get into position and were so good that I got the shot after only a few minutes!  I was trying to go for a late 1800's early 1900's feel with a modern twist. I have a couple more elements to photograph and work on in order to complete this shoot as well so hang tight!

Here is the adorable family.  I grabbed a quick shot of them after the shoot was over. :)  I meant to get shots of each of the kids from the wild shoot on Wednesday but I forgot.  I was a little frazzled and preoccupied. To say the least. hahaha


  1. AHHH! I cannot WAIT to see all this fun photographic art you are working on. I thought about begging you to just e-mail me some pics, but then that wouldn't really be fair, I guess. I am anxiously waiting... :-)

  2. Hi Jenn! Great post- you are gettin' so much work done- you're on fire! So glad we got to be a part of the process ;)