Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NYC Trip: Day 2

Abby woke up about a quarter to six because we left the curtains open and the sun was out. She likes to get up with the sun. I was tired. By the time everyone else woke up and we got out of the hotel it was about 9 am. We went to Burger King for breakfast, nothing spectacular... or healthy. Then we walked around some more trying to figure out where exactly we wanted to all go. We got stopped by a City Tours salesman but decided to take our adventure on foot. We ended up walking right past Macy's, the sign saying it was the world's largest store. I tell you what, it was pretty darn big. It was bigger than most malls and had far more floors and it was all Macy's. It opened at 10 and we got there just a few minutes early so we waited outside until the doors opened. They had a whole separate section/store just for maternity clothes. I wished that I had known that when I was pregnant. I said to Josh, "Next time I need maternity we are coming here." My dad asked, "You need maternity clothes?" "No Dad, WHEN I do..."

We then walked over to where the Twin Towers used to be. There is a ton of construction as they build up what is said to be a museum in their place.

We then walked over to Wallstreet as Josh wanted to see the bull. It took us a long time to find it and when we did we found that we could hardly see it with all of the people crowded around it. I noticed a crowd at the head of the bull taking pictures while sitting on his head. I also noticed a crowd at the butt of the bull. This crowd mostly consisted of young teenagers and young adults. They were all taking turns squatting down to take a picture with the bull's testicles, which just so happened to be the most worn part of the poor bull.

We pressed on to pass the Staton Island ferry and on to the Statue of Liberty ferry. Well, the line was really long and it was 100 degrees outside so we chose to get up early the next day and see it in the morning.

We were all pretty tired from the heat and walking so we took the subway back to Little Italy and ate lunch at Giovanna's, delicious. We then decided, after all of the pasta and heat, that we just wanted to go back to the hotel and rest. On the way back...

We tried again to get a purse from Chinatown but no luck. We tried a third time and got taken to the warehouse and then got shown the door when we wouldn't pay $55 for a knock off Coach purse. I had talked to 3 different people none of which paid more that $35-$40 for a purse, but they wanted me to pay $55-$100. The third attempt it was just me and Jonathan. So I was mad and disappointed.

We jumped on the subway and went back to our hotel. I read more Harry Potter in bed while Jonathan and Dad went to the movie to watch Salt. Josh watched baseball on tv and Abby crawled around the hotel room playing.

Dinner time rolled around and Dad called to ask if we wanted to go to Famous Dave's. We hailed a cab and some guy in a volvo asked where to. The hotel guy told us to ask him how much, he said $15. Dad had just told us that a cab ride to the restaurant cost him less than $5. We said no thanks and the guy said "Ok, $12" No way. So we tried again this time a yellow cab stopped and within minutes were were at the restaurant. It was pretty dark inside and we were in a corner with a pile of folded up floor mats. Abby was freak out by these mats. She was shaking and would not let go of me. She also kept looking back at them which only made it worse. So I took her over to it and showed her what they were. I stepped on them and said "See, it's just a mat, it's okay." She still was a little leery but she stopped freaking out.

We then walked down to Radio City and NBC Studios. Then to Rockefeller Center Plaza. I definitely want to go back when the Christmas tree is up. We stopped and got Abby's portrait drawn, which is cute but doesn't really look like her.

Jonathan and Josh did go back to the comic book store one last time and Dad went down to the bar. I bathed Abby and put her to bed then read some more. Jonathan and Josh watched part of one of the Bourne movies then went to bed.

We were all so exhausted.

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