Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Journey | Week 4

I am not meaning to post about this every other week but that is how it has worked out thus far... 

My first project shoot got pushed back a week so the actual shooting will happen on February 1st.  My second shoot is scheduled for February, however an important element will not be ready to add to it until later.  My other shoots for Southern California are coming together quite nicely.  I just hope it all works out smoothly.  

I have picked my galleries and am contacting them.  If any of them book me I will sing it from the rooftops!

Here is how the project is going to happen...

~January through May will be shot in Southern California.
~May through September will be shot in Northern Virginia, West Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pa.  
~October through December are TBA 

Images of what is happening for Feb. 1st shoot: Teaser!

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