Saturday, April 28, 2012

Immortal the Musical poster ads

This is from a year ago!  It never got published until now!

Our 5th assignment was to create a theatre poster or billboard for our theatrical productions that we chose. I, as you may remember, chose to create photographic ads for the musical Immortal. I made 2 "movie" posters and one billboard. The horizontal is the billboard.

Here is the concept: In the story the creature, Lucas, is unknowingly turned into a vampire 300 years prior, and has been fighting his hunger since he destroyed his family. Well, he finally decides to give in to his thirst for blood and goes to a ball and meets Justine. She immediately goes into a trance and offers her neck to him.

The posters are the scene in the ball where Justine and Lucas meet and, like a dream, fall in love. Here is Justine offering her neck to the creature Lucas.

Now for the billboard: he is hungry and she looks good. She goes into a trance when she sees him. He is very smart and methodical. He is taken by her as well. His thirst for blood is always there. 

Now, he does not eat her and she is not dead. This image is to engage the viewer and draw them in, to make you want to know the rest of the story.

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