Friday, July 15, 2011

Rock the Frock and Drown the Gown!

These three lovely ladies spent an afternoon with me wandering around downtown and jumping out to take pictures. First the ladies did their own hair then they came over to my house and I did their make-up. I always enjoy that part. Then we piled in my car and headed out.

So, there is this truck place off the highway, so we pulled over and started shooting in front of the brick building and then Sariah jumped up on the dumpster and a man came out to see what we were up to. I said we are just taking pictures, is that alright? He said sure! Just remember to smile! Then a lady pulled up in her car and said I am just curious and watched while we shot. The girls were a little creeped out but the lady was so excited and thought it was brilliant!

The girls got some honks as we traipsed through the city in gowns. We ended the shoot with the river. There were tons of people trying to cool off in the water. We walked across the pebbled beach and found a spot no one was using. Sariah went all in but kind of freaked when something got caught in her tulle. It has legs!

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