Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fashion Editorial | Tea Time

I love this family! They are so much fun! So I have to first give props to my assistants, Abbi and Sariah. You rock! I grabbed everything I could possibly think of for this fashion editorial "Tea Time" photo shoot. I love having a concept, it make the photo shoots and the editing a lot more fun.
So the night before I went over to the family's house and helped with the outfits for the boys. Then the next morning I loaded up the SUV... packed it roof high and picked up my assistants. Being 5 months pregnant means I cannot lift as much as I would like so these girls did ALL of the heavy lifting. We went to the park and tracked down the perfect spot all the way down this trail just before you get to the woods. Originally we were going to go into the woods but when we got there it was too dark for all the trees and I walked through a few spider webs (yuck!) and we saw poison ivy. Next best thing? A break in the trail! We lugged all of the equipment and props, and it took a lot of trips. The sun was pretty bright so we had to one, two, three it with eyes closed then pop those peepers and smile!
The Matteson's were a delight. They did whatever I asked them too, "You want me to eat whipped cream? If you insist." ;)
So behind the editing... I love paintings, some of my favorite classes in art school were the art history classes (I took 4). I want to adorn my home with these beautiful paintings, these great works of art. My taste in paintings is very eclectic, I love Rococo and impressionism and well a lot more. Depending on the photo shoot, the idea and concept, the editing will differ. Everything has a purpose in this shoot. I am in love with England thus a tea party. The clock is turned to 4:00 which is tea time in England. The china is old and patterned with flowers. There are flowers everywhere that add visual interest and color. I am still learning new and cool ways to work it. So this shoot I wanted to be modern/vintage and painterly. Did I succeed? Well, I love it, but you can decide for yourselves!

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