Monday, April 21, 2014

A little... or a lot of catch up | A Journey

Soooooooooooo, I have not posted a whole lot.  I was hoping to post weekly about my journey but life happened.  So, I am going to catch you up.  Well, as far as the journey, a lot of little things have been going on but unfortunately not a lot to show for it.  

Today my husband and I put the Pedigree Pram back together and it is so cool!  Unfortunately it has a little weather damage since I had nowhere to store it but under a tarp on our covered porch.  "Can't you just fix that in photoshop?" The question I get more than I care to admit. Yes, I can, I prefer not to since it is time consuming to make it perfect. 

 I really honestly try to get as much as physically possible in the camera and get it right so that the editing process is drastically less cumbersome. With this project I am working on and with my limited resources and limited equipment there is going to be a lot more photoshop than I would normally have.

I also pulled out the sewing machine again.  I keep pulling it out, setting it up and then not actually sewing. Ha!  I have to sew on the dining room table so when lunch or dinner time comes around I have to pack it all up to feed the kiddos. 

In a month we will be moving and I am hoping to be able to set up a semi-permanent home for my sewing machine. Yes, I finally have one of my own!  A friend gave me her extra machine and another friend gave me her extra surger. Talk about being lucky to have such generous friends!

Here is what I am working with.  This sewing machine is not mine but it is what I started this project with and I will finish the dress on it. 

As far as the editing for the previous images shot, it is still a work in progress.  I was commissioned to create a fine art piece for a client and that has taken precedence. As well as a wedding (I don't actually offer these anymore but this one was for dear friends that I could not say no to). And some other client work. I am ready to buckle down and get these perfected to share with the world and hang in galleries. 


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