Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beauty | Evie

Another beauty shoot!  This took place Saturday along with two other gorgeous women.  They rocked this shoot and were so beautiful that the each get their own post.  Today let me introduce you to the gorgeous, funny, and talented Evie.  She came over with her wardrobe and makeup.  We got to work right away on her "cat eyes".  This was a pretty decent job for me with liquid eyeliner!  Next we worked on the hair.  I wanted a very low key bouffant and a ponytail.  Next we went through her clothes and picked this dress, true you can't see all of it but the top was stunning and really flattering on her.  Finally we got to start shooting.  She was very natural and easy to work with.  Thank you Evie for modeling and for being so agreeable!

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  1. Amazing. This model is extremely beautiful! The hair and make up is fantastic!