Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stylized Butterfly Party Themed Photo Shoot

I love going all out with decorations and themes and everything.  I wanted so badly to do a stylized photo shoot but when money is tight it is hard to do everything you want.  So, I combined my daughters birthday party with my stylized shoot and here are the results!  I handmade just about everything.  From the tutus, to the hats, the decorations... All except the cake, that is all Brittany!  I showed her the design I wanted and she delivered this masterpiece!  It was as delicious as it looks too.  Thank you to our neighbor, Ms. Jackie, for letting us use her beautiful yard. Also, my mother helped me find all of the decorations.  This was months in the making and I am very pleased with the results!  We were so nervous that it would rain on our party but it only sprinkled a few times.  I love planning parties as well as photographing them, who knew?!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So gorgeous and what a fun party!

  2. Gorgeous, Jenn! That must have taken a TON of work! Maybe you could find your niche as a party planner/photographer- two in one! ;-)

  3. What a beautiful birthday party! I love love all of the pictures and ideas. Thanks for sharing!