Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Maysick Boys!

My sister's BFF April (and my friend too) let me crash at her place and her boys let me and Abby take over their room while I visited California. Here is that last night I was there, we had a photo shoot. Not bad for one light, one diffusor, and one uncooperative reflector in their living room! Thank you boys for being SO good and helpful!


  1. Thank you so much Jennifer.......Jaxon has school pics on Wednesday but these are so good I don't think I will even bother with the school ones.....
    You got skills girl!

  2. Absolutely stunning photos!! 3 great looking boys!

  3. Wow, Joey, if he still goes by that, is all grown up now!!! Chase is still himself, just older looking, and Jaxon doesn't look like a baby anymore. They grow so fast :-) You should be proud to have 3 such handsome boys.